chanting hare krishna

Lose yourselves to find your real self

Let us chant with so much feeling that this pure vibration of God’s name melts the hearts of even the heartless. This divine sound vibration has a very miraculous quality. When you chant, that sound circles the entire planet and comes back to your mouth before you even finish the …


When Technology Causes Misery

Progress in science, medicine and technology can be extremely beneficial as long as we utilize them with a proper perspective. But if we lose that foundational perspective of our real values in life and our very spiritual basis, what happens? We just need more and more. People have computers and …

flying hawk

Balance – the key to success

Yesterday when I was looking out of the window, I saw different kinds of birds flying. The little birds were flapping their …


Love for Life

In my school, Vaishnavism, we base our teachings on the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna tells aham bija prada pita, that the one supreme …

am i worthless

Am I worthless?

When we are influenced by the ahankar, the ego, if we see somebody else doing better than us, we become depressed—I am …

Wilma rudolph

I am going to try

There is a famous story of a lady from Tennessee in America. Her name was Wilma Rudolph. In her early childhood she …